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RCTV: El Silencio De La Dignidad



"RCTV: The Silence of Dignity" was made by Ibetti Larralde and Susanna Taddei, producers nominated for the Emmy Awards and GLAAD award winners. The edition was in charge of Jesús Acosta and Adrián Cárdenas. The main theme is played by the great Venezuelan artist Luz Marina and composed by José González, winner of the Latin Grammy.

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The music video was produced by Claudia A. González (to the center of the photo on the right). Claudia is the founder of - her company in Miami, dedicated mainly to make music videos and shorts. Claudia is also the daughter of José González, (to the right of the photo) better known as Pirulo. A great Latin Grammy-winning musician, who kindly donated the lyrics and music of the music video of this project together with Luz Marina Anselmi (left).

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