Cine Vibes Productions

We believe in the unconventional and achieving our highest potential as human beings. We lead through ingenious action and question boundaries through timeless visual experiences, art.

An American Warrior embodies superhuman powers through the eruption of a mythical lava cave. Quickly becoming the myth of the nation, she is wanted throughout the land; her bravery, wildness and purpose lead her to protecting herself and those who are victims of society.


Name: Isabella Soto

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 118 lbs

Superpowers: Heat Vision, Fire and heat manipulation, Strength, Ecological empathy, Animal Empathy, Enhanced Reflexes

Why you should know her: The first Mestiza superhero, half-Spanish and half-Native American. She’s a protector of native people and nature, bilingual and skillful in hunting. This exotic westbound woman fights for justice and peace.

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